3R technology uk Pre-process line: Shredding and feeding

Pre-process line

Shredding and feeding: The raw materials are large sizes and contain a certain amount of metals and impurities. The pre-process line uses permanent magnetic equipment to eliminate metals contained in the raw materials and shred into small pieces for further processes.

Initial line

First separation and purification of ABS/PS/PP/PE with impurities: The line purifies the plastic and eliminate impurities such as electrical cables, small metal, glass granules. The plastic goes into a salt water floating system. The floated parts are ABS/PS/PP/PE mix, the sink parts are heavier materials which then go into the water table to separate metals and sink plastics.

3r technology uk process line

Process line

Further separation of ABS/PS and PP/PE: The process line further purifies the plastics and sorts them based on the plastic types. The plastic goes into pure water floating system. The floated part is PP/PE mix, the sink part is ABS/PS. The separated materials are both dried by spinners and packaged ready for dispatch.

  • 3r technology uk Untha LRK 1400

    Untha LRK 1400

    Our LRK 1400 is one of the most important tool on our production line. It is able to produce thinner and finer granules for our separation line.

  • 3r technology uk Untha RS40

    Untha RS40

    Our RS40 shredder is the first processing equipment used in our plastic recycling. It breaks the raw waste plastics or large plastic blocks into small pieces, which enables further processing.

  • 3r technology uk WEEE recycling feeding system

    Feeding system

    Our Feeding equipment helps to process the shredded materials, feeding it to a zigzag sorter or cyclone sorter with high frequency vibration.

  • 3r technology floating tank

    Floating tank

    Our Floating system is able to separate different types of plastics and other contaminants contaminations by making use of the different physical properties in associated with different plastics.