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We are looking for raw materials

After the metals are taken out from waste electronic/electrical appliances in different recycling companies, there still remains more than 50% mixed plastics, which will be sent to a landfill or an incineration site for disposal and will cause pollution and waste to a certain extent.
Our better solution is to recycle plastics from those companies, purify them into refined plastic materials, and return them into the market for most industry usages.

Our finished products

The raw materials go through separating, shredding, washing, shaking, and drying in the first process. The cleaned small plastics parts are a mix of ABS, PS PP, and PE, which are then separated into ABS/PS and PP/PE using our floating system in the second process. After further washing and drying, the refined and separated small plastic granules are ready to be reused in the industries such as 3D printing, toy production, chemical fibre, etc.

  • ABS

  • ABS/PC

  • PS

  • PP

  • 3R technology UK offering mixed metal from SDA

    Mixed Metal from SDA

  • 3R technology uk selling Mixed Metal from Fridge

    Mixed Metal from Fridge

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